1) Should I Be Afraid of Stucco?

Afraid? No… Cautious, yes.  If stucco is installed correctly along with all necessary flashings, expansion joints and drainage plains etc… it will have a long and beautiful life on any home. Caution should be utilized as many stucco applications were installed improperly and are missing some or all of the required details to make the application successful.

2) How Do I Know If My Stucco Is Good or Bad?

To the untrained eye, it is hard to tell which stucco applications are correct and which are failing.   A visual inspection by a trained professional can determine if details are missing.  This will give an indication of whether or not the stucco is likely to have problems. A Probe test is required to see beyond the surface, this testing will often spotlight areas of deterioration beneath the stucco that otherwise would not be known until a catastrophic failure.  As my mother always told me, “If you don’t know…Ask!”

3) How Do You Fix Stucco

This is determined on a house by house basis.  Some homes can be modified to protect against future failure by retrofitting certain details and applying a sealer to prevent moisture intrusion.  Other homes are beyond that and require a full removal of the stucco facade and re-installation or conversion to a siding product.  

Stucco Remediation Specialists and Repair Experts

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