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Stucco Resources

We want to keep our customers and our community informed so have compiled and provided a resource center for information, references, homeowner tips and more.

3 Stages of Stucco Failure

Stucco problems can come in many forms, from unsightly cracks and bulges, to internal water damage to hardwood floors and moldy and decaying floor joists.  But not all stucco problems necessarily mean costly repairs. Some stucco issues can be minor and require minimal...

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Stucco Expansion Joints

Why are Stucco Expansion Joints Important? The stucco facade on any building will expand and contract with temperature changes.  This alone would not cause any problems if the temperature changes were uniform across the entire facade, and the building...

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Stucco or EIFS in Layman’s Terms

EIFS stands for “Exterior Insulated Finishing System”.  This is basically a foam insulation board mounted to the outside of the building, then covered with a mesh before having a thin layer of stucco applied over the top as the visible exterior finish. ...

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Kerf Cut and Caulk 3 Questions Answered

1)    What is a Kerf Cut, Caulk and Seal? Some stucco applications carried out prior to the correct codes being in place could be candidates for a kerf cut, caulk and seal.  This is a process by which some of the missing details can be retro-fitted, rather...

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Stucco Or Siding?

Stucco is beautiful and ads curb appeal to any home.  If Stucco is installed correctly with all the necessary flashing, weep screeds, drainage plain and expansion joints, it will last a lifetime and add to the overall look and feel of your home.  Stucco is...

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3 Most Asked Stucco Questions

1) Should I Be Afraid of Stucco? Afraid? No… Cautious, yes.  If stucco is installed correctly along with all necessary flashings, expansion joints and drainage plains etc... it will have a long and beautiful life on any home. Caution should be utilized as...

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Stucco Remediation Specialists and Repair Experts

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