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As a young construction professional, Brian Yost developed a passion for making clients happy beyond their expectations. He also developed a disdain for the shoddy workmanship that he saw in so many projects where he had to make repairs due to someone cutting corners, skipping steps or allowing unqualified laborers to perform work that should only be done by skilled craftsman. It is this simple set of values that has been, and always will be, the mantra of our company. Brian treats every client’s satisfaction as his personal responsibility. They have consequently become our most loyal supporters.

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What Sets Yost Stucco Apart?

Passion and Expertise

Yost Stucco & Masonry offers the most advanced barriers, and the most comprehensive system available on the market today. When you choose our complete system, our waterproofing barriers and membranes will remain waterproof long after the building materials in front of them have exceeded their useful life.



Yost Stucco & Masonry warranties for a period of 25 years to the purchaser of our services, that there will be no water seepage through our moisture barrier to the wood substrate. This is not a manufacturer’s warranty, not a product warranty, this is a Yost Stucco & Masonry warranty. If there is a failure we will fix it for free.

Because of our 30 years of remediation design and installation experience, we offer the longest and most comprehensive warranty in the industry!

Most Frequent Comments From Our Clients

What Our Customers Are Saying…

“They were so easy to work with…”
“They helped me understand all of my options and choose the right one…”
“Those guys are really nice people…”
“They show up on time…”
“They do what they say…”
“They treated my property like it was theirs…”
“They answer their phone…”
“Right from the first day, I actually felt good after 5 months of worrying…”
“They don’t play any contractor games…”
“They clean up, every day, and left things cleaner than when they started…”
“They were there so quickly, and the other guys didn’t show up or never got back to us…”
“Great Value!…”
“They actually finished ahead of schedule…”
“Even my neighbors liked those guys…”

From Our Founder

In this business, you are nothing but your reputation. I learned this very early on from my mentors and it has become the driving force behind everything we do. Nothing makes me happier than the smiling faces and hugs and handshakes from my clients. We drive this same mentality through our entire craftsman team. We have good solid people doing great work and I couldn’t be prouder of them!

— Brian Yost — 

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Stucco Remediation Specialists and Repair Experts

If you have questions or concerns with the stucco outside your home, call us today. Our certified and qualified inspectors will examine the exterior of your home and provide you with available options and resolutions. Call us at (484) 589-1274 or email us at We look forward to servicing you!

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