Stucco is beautiful and ads curb appeal to any home.  If Stucco is installed correctly with all the necessary flashing, weep screeds, drainage plain and expansion joints, it will last a lifetime and add to the overall look and feel of your home.  Stucco is made from cement, and is inherently sturdy and robust.  It can be applied in any of a multitude of different colors, it can even be painted.  Expansion joints will require periodic maintenance and re-caulking, but every home requires periodic maintenance to help maintain a fresh and beautiful look.

Siding can be as economic or as excessive as your imagination can dream up.  There so many different products and design options to choose from that even the most diverse tastes can be accommodated.  More economic brands of siding i.e. vinyl, can be susceptible to damage from things such as hail, weed whackers or children’s balls (good luck trying to prove that last one!).  More impact resistant products exist, such as James Hardie siding.  These products offer longevity and are almost as tough as stucco, and can be even more visually appealing than a perfectly installed stucco application.  Periodic checks of caulked areas are still required to prevent any inadvertent damage from weathered joints.

And the winner is…

Did you think that I would choose for you?  Both options have their benefits, don’t shy away from Stucco because of some of the horror stories you have heard, it is perfectly acceptable when done correctly.  But do choose based on your needs, desires and budget.  Either option is a good choice, at the end of the day it comes down to… What do YOU like?

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