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1)    What is a Kerf Cut, Caulk and Seal?

Some stucco applications carried out prior to the correct codes being in place could be candidates for a kerf cut, caulk and seal.  This is a process by which some of the missing details can be retro-fitted, rather than removing the stucco and reinstalling it.  Expansion gaps between dissimilar surfaces can be added, penetrations can be correctly sealed and kick out diverters (these divert rainwater runoff from adjacent roofs) can be added prior to the stucco surfaces being sealed. This prevents it from absorbing moisture. This option is much more economical and can save the homeowner tens of thousands of dollars.

2)    Can I Kerf Cut, Caulk and Seal My House?

This question can only be answered by carrying out a stucco test. If the property in question is missing required details, but was built with the correct drainage and flashings, it may be a candidate for kerf cut and caulk. A stucco test will determine if there has been any water infiltration and subsequent sheathing and framing damage.  If a stucco test provides evidence that the sheathing and framing is dry and intact, then a kerf cut, caulk and seal will suffice to ensure the future health of the stucco application.

3)    How much does a Kerf Cut, Caulk and Seal Cost?

That depends on the size of the property in question. How much area is stucco and how many penetrations and fenestrations (a fancy word for window openings) are in the building?  You can expect to pay anywhere from approximately $5,000 for a smaller row home and up to as much as $50,000+ for large single-family homes. This pales in comparison when you consider the cost of removing and replacing stucco can range from $30,000 for a small home to over $300,000 for larger homes.  A few hundred dollars spent on a stucco test could save you tens of thousands of dollars in repairs further down the road.

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