EIFS stands for “Exterior Insulated Finishing System”.  This is basically a foam insulation board mounted to the outside of the building, then covered with a mesh before having a thin layer of stucco applied over the top as the visible exterior finish.  This type of system is common on commercial buildings, and typically has some amount of decorative detailing, arches, quoins and more. The finish coat comes in a myriad of colors and can even be painted to achieve any color combination desired.

Stucco on the other hand, is a cementitious product typically applied in 3 coats to the exterior of a building, usually around 7/8ths of an inch thick, without the foam board beneath.  The Stucco is applied over a drainage layer and wire lath (wire lath holds the stucco on the building) and is the visible finish.  Finishes are usually textured and can be painted any color just as the EIFS can.

Either system has its merits, but both are only good if the time and attention to detail is taken when installing the layers beneath to waterproof the building structure from the external elements.  Both EIFS and stucco finishes are naturally porous, therefore moisture will penetrate the external layers.  An adequate drainage plain is necessary in addition to correct sealing and flashing of the building envelope.

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